What if we captured the world’s endangered landscapes with 360° media for everyone to use?



Catalog.Earth is a project to document the world's vanishing landscapes in 360° video and audio before it's too late. We are building a public platform where anyone can access 360° footage of these places for free under the Creative Commons license.

As Catalog.Earth continues to evolve, we are collaborating with range of organizations. We have produced content with NPR and built relationships with biologists, tech companies, middle schoolers, engineers, and journalists.

The project was launched through Kickstarter, and we are currently planning an expedition to Alaska's Columbia Glacier. Stay tuned!


March 2016 - present

Role: Co-creator, 360 media designer

Partner: Saba Singh


Since 1984, NASA’s Earth Observatory has tracked the Columbia Glacier's retreat, calling it “one of the most rapidly changing glaciers in the world.” Saba and I previously worked on a project to transform that data into an immersive experience, encountering a lack of content resources.  

We saw an opportunity for 360° footage to supplement existing data with immersive content, enabling future generations to experience this glacier and other endangered landscapes in their present forms. 


In addition to recording 360° 4k video and directional audio of the Columbia Glacier, we are documenting our process to publish a 360° field guide for cataloging endangered landscapes.

Frequent posts in our News blog will include conversations with climate scientists, assessment of 360° equipment, and lessons from the field. Insights will support future Catalog.Earth expeditions and help establish content guidelines for those interested sharing footage


Landscape extinction isn't an environmental problem; it's a human problem. Deforestation, climate change, and even warfare are reshaping the plane. Many of our most striking landscapes are already lost.

Documenting these places is a costly endeavor and requires a great deal of collaboration. We invite feedback, welcome support, and look forward to the evolution of this project. If you are interested in participating, please get in touch!