Suggested search terms for "being gay is" on Google in 2013

Suggested search terms for "being gay is" on Google in 2013

How can search engines become safer places for self-discovery? 

Overview explores how SEO strategies could be used to drown-out destructive language, amplify positive messages, and connect browsers to better gay stories online.

While advocacy campaigns have been successful in generating uplifting gay content and dialogue, the prevalence of negative language associated with gayness dominates search results and prioritizes harmful keywords when auto-filling search bars.


June - July 2013


SVA Impact! Design for Social Change 

The search bar has become a lens through which many of us experience our world on a daily basis. From information to entertainment to moral support, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.  And it could become a tool to reach those in need... prompts users to search for better results.

By increasing the volume of searches containing positive word associations with “being gay,” the site would target autocomplete algorithms that presently promote destructive language.  Simultaneously, would increase traffic to search results containing keywords “being gay is,” creating incentives for organizations and media outlets to optimize content for “being gay is.” would track the campaign’s effectiveness in real time, while serving as a hub for positive content about being gay.